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“Sleep and Mental Health: Beyond Insomnia: Addressing the impact of sleep on mental health

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Note: Live events have been postponed at this time due to the COVID-19 crisis. You can still take this class remotely via the recorded webinar.

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Sleep complaints are rampant, affecting about 35% of patients. These concerns can have a global impact on health and quality of life. Yet, the impact of sleep on anxiety, depression, panic, and psychotic episodes is often overlooked by both patients and clinicians. Join me, Dr. Catherine Darley, to learn how the various sleep disorders (in addition to insomnia) shape mental health, and how to assess and intervene as necessary. How are sleep problems manifesting in your practice, and how can you use the power of sleep to promote mental health? Leave this seminar with this knowledge, and effective strategies to help your patients get the sleep they need for the foundation of mental health.

“Solving the Complexities of Sleep and Mental Health”

CHP Group

March 30, 4-5p PST

Register for webinar: Webinar Events Calendar – The CHP Group 2021 Continuing Education Programs (cvent.com)

There is a growing awareness of the importance of both sleep health, and mental health. These two issues are inexorably linked, with a bi-directional relationship. This dynamic class will go into the details of the mental health consequences of sleep disorders, including not only insomnia, but also obstructive sleep apnea and restless legs syndrome, among others. We will also discuss how sleep deprivation contributes to mental health problems. In the second part of the class we will look at the other side of the equation, evaluating how mental health problems can shape sleep. This will include how suicidality can be reflected in sleep parameters. 

“Sleep Health for Resilience”

Microsoft Outlook, for Wellspring EAP

April 1, 11a – noon

Open to employees

PATH, for Wellspring EAP

May 4, 9 – 10am

Open to employees

In the time since the covid-19 pandemic arrived in America, people’s sleep has deteriorated and their stress increased. This is not surprising, as the connection between sleep and stress is well established. Unfortunately, sleep also has an interplay with the immune system, so that when we are not sleeping well, our immune system is not as powerful. This talk will go into these details, and then go on into how to insulate your sleep from the current challenge. At times like these, we need sleep to improve our ability to cope, and to strengthen our immune system.

“Sleep Health and Disorders”

National University of Natural Medicine

Portland OR

April & May 2021, 22 hours total

Open for registered students

Bastyr University

WA and CA

May 2021, 22 hours total

Open for registered students

Healthy sleep is imperative for overall good health. This course will begin with sleep and circadian physiology and normal sleep throughout the life span. Then the six primary categories of sleep disorders will be covered. Cases will be presented, with time for discussion and work-up of the differential diagnosis. Women’s sleep health and the interaction between sleep and other disorders will be included. Course will conclude with information on ways to promote healthy sleep, botanical and nutrition approaches, and common pharmaceuticals. 2 credits.

“Unraveling and Treating Sleep and Chronic Pain”

 CHP Group

March 30, 4-5p PST

Register for webinar: Webinar Events Calendar – The CHP Group 2021 Continuing Education Programs (cvent.com)

Why do sleep problems contribute to worsened pain? Can improving sleep lessen pain? How does pain cause sleep to deteriorate, and thereby lead to other consequences of chronic pain? This class will take you into a deeper understanding of these questions as we unravel these relationships. Then we will go into methods to rebuild your patients’ sleep, even in the face of chronic pain, to begin a positive, feed-forward, cycle of improving sleep lessening pain which in turn improves sleep. Your patients will thank you for adding sleep to the treatment plan for their chronic pain conditions.

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