Why Naturopathic Medicine? Part 3 or 3

Why Naturopathic Sleep Medicine?

Naturopathic Sleep Medicine joins together the knowledge of physiological sleep processes and sleep disorders with the treatment principles of naturopathic medicine. Naturopathic Sleep Medicine is a developing field which is distinct from that provided at allopathic sleep centers and general care naturopathic offices. In 1997 when I began Naturopathic Medical School at Bastyr University it was my intention to develop this new field. And now it’s happening!

Why is it important to approach sleep from a naturopathic perspective?
First of all, sleep is an essential feature of the human experience. It is intrinsic, and something we can not do without. We all sleep. Because it is so essential, it makes sense to help sleep occur naturally, and not use artificial medicines unnecessarily.

Secondly, sleep can be improved using naturopathic medicine. For example, one technique to improve insomnia is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I). We’ll be talking about that more in this blog in future. In research, when compared to pharmaceutical therapy, it is found that CBT-I is actually more effective. Since CBT-I is behavioral medicine, it does not have the potential negative side-effects as pharmaceuticals. CBT-I enables the patient to sleep well, naturally, and be empowered to provide their own health. Isn’t that the best way?

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