The following testimonials were written by patients of Dr. Darley (or the patient’s parent).

“I had never really slept great most of my adult life, alternating between having trouble falling asleep or dealing with middle of the night insomnia.   I had been put on benzodiazepines by my doctor in the past and didn’t want to have to take those again to sleep.   After reviewing my history Dr. Darley came up with a plan that didn’t require medication and had pretty simple behavioral changes that I followed for about two months.  Within a week I was sleeping much better through the night and within a few months am getting a restful 8 hours each night.    I now feel that I have the tools I need to deal with the issues if they should recur in the future.”  – T.  55 year old man

“I have had sleep issues since I was 15.   I tried all the herbal remedies (on my own) with no success.   I didn’t want to use pharmaceuticals.   Dr. Darley helped me in three visits-without any medication.   About two weeks after my last visit with her, my husband got laid off.   Normally this would totally mess up my sleeping habits.   I haven’t missed a good night’s sleep.   Thanks so much, Dr. Darley!” –   K. is a 43 year old with a 28 year history of insomnia.

“Dr. Darley has, through her expert guidance, helped me move from being afraid to go to bed because of the struggle to sleep, to looking forward to relaxing in bed as my mind and body fall asleep naturally.”
–   J. 62 year old man with 20 year history of insomnia

“You looked at it from a different point of view.   Everyone else was trying to fit my son into their model, telling him ‘You feel this way’ when it’s not how he felt.   This is the first time he’s felt good about his sleep.”
–  Mother of 9 year old son suffering from circadian phase advance for 3 years

“Of all the money I’ve spent over the years trying to feel better this is the one thing that has helped.”
–   S. 55 year old woman with insomnia and previously undiagnosed sleep apnea

“I’m sleeping through the night, and more importantly, I am no longer anxious about going to sleep!”
–   A. 46 year old woman with 18 year history of insomnia

“We came to see Dr. Darley after hearing her speak at my daughter’s elementary school.   My daughter lives at two homes and wouldn’t fall asleep until 10:30 or 11pm at night, even though she went to bed much earlier.  Needless to say, I had a very tired second grader.   Although I thought we had a routine in place, we really didn’t.   Dr. Darley helped her with light therapy, by setting up a very consistent routine (that my daughter learned to use at both homes) and helped us get her to sleep earlier.   Now, when we have problems with sleep and her schedule gets off, we focus on what we learned during our visits with Dr. Darley and usually get back on track within a week or two.”
–   Mother of 7 year old daughter with insomnia