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Sleep Habits for Immune Health

There are many ways that healthy sleep supports a healthy immune system. And remember, our immune system is constantly working to rid our bodies of foreign bacteria and abnormal cells. These abnormal cells can become cancerous, so it is important that our immune system weeds them out. To strengthen your immune system:
1. Be sure to get adequate rest most nights.
2. Sleep in accordance with the natural light-dark cycle. When the light bulb was invented and became widely available it significantly changed our way of life. Occasionally think to yourself “Would I be up right now if there was no electricity and light?” This question can help you stay in sync with natural light-dark cycles.
3. The techniques and skills we’ve discussed in this blog will help a cancer patient sleep better. Those include making the bedroom a good sleep environment, keeping a regular schedule, etc. (Past issues of the more comprehensive e-newsletters can be found on the website at http://naturalsleepmedicine.net/news_letters_page.html).

Gratitude Meditation for Sleep

On Thursday after my presentation a woman shared with me her lovely gratitude practice that she uses to go to sleep. I wanted to share it with you.

Each night after getting into bed she does this meditation until she is asleep. One by one, she slowly thinks of each person in her life, and thanks them for the ways they have helped her.

Research has been done recently on the practice of gratitude and how it affects health. Gratitude strengthens the immune system, decreases heart disease risk, and motivates you to take good care of yourself by exercising and getting regular check-ups. This emerging field is called ‘postive psychology.’

In my clinic, many people describe lying in bed at night worrying, thinking about their ‘to-do’ list or otherwise problem solving. These thoughts are stressful, and prevent them from sleeping. Doing this gratitude meditation can be a better way to engage your mind that is actually sleep-promoting. If you are stuck thinking in the night, try this and let me know how it works!