For decades public education has focused on healthy diet and exercise, but largely ignored the crucial role of sleep.   Dr. Darley is working to increase awareness of sleep as one of the basics of health by providing education on several sleep topics.   As the National Sleep Foundation says: “Sleep: as important as diet and exercise, only easier.”
“Catherine Darley did a wonderful job educating our parent audience about sleep. I highly recommend her. Her presentation was very well organized, clear and chuck full of useful information. Her handouts were excellent with important tips to take home and the Q&A session helped even more to address the audience’s specific concerns. She clearly has a bounty of knowledge, a wealth of experience and a true concern for others about the subject of sleep. It would be fantastic if every family could know what she has to share. ”
    Alexa Crawford,
Chair of the Parent Education Committee at Villa Academy in Seattle
“Dr. Darley’s presentation to our PTSA in March of 2011 was one of the best speakers we have had.   Her topic on Sleep Medicine and Student Success was universally appealing to parents, teachers and counselors.   We received favorable comments regarding her presentation’s content as well as her presentation style.   Dr. Darley’s presentation educated many on sleep’s importance in the intellectual, physical and emotional health of our children (and us adults as well)!”
    Kari Adams,
Whitman PTSA Co-President
“Your presentation on sleep health was excellent.   It was well focused for the audience of psychotherapists.   You interacted wonderfully with them, expertly responding to their questions, while covering your presentation objectives.   It was clear that you had expertise about sleep health, and that you were able to translate it and present it with an engaging style.”
    Tony Barrick, Ph.D.,
Seattle Psychotherapist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
“Dr. Catherine Darley is a confident, vibrant speaker who genuinely cares about her audience.   I had the opportunity to hear her speak [with poise and erudition] about children’s sleep problems.   As a clinician, I took away novel ideas about age-specific sleep patterns and how to introduce simple but not obvious behavioral changes to positively ‘shape’ these patterns.”
    Frank Aversano, ND
Director, NovaSinusCenter, Seattle, WA
“Dr. Catherine Darley was superior in engaging the audience to learn about how to Optimize your sleep, Improve your performance. Dr. Darley is a vibrant speaker with superior knowledge. An excellent presentation, greatly appreciated!”
    Sally Ghormley, Speaker/Program Chair
American Society of Women Accountants (ASWA)
In all of her presentations, Dr. Darley provides a dynamic discussion of sleep facts that influence us all.   With this understanding in place, she then focuses on how audience members can use this information to improve their sleep.   Participants leave with useful tips to improve their sleep right away, and thereby improve their overall well-being.   To schedule a presentation for your group please contact Dr. Darley at  drdarley@naturalsleepmedicine.net 


Clips from Dr. Darley’s presentation to PTA on Teens and their sleep problems.