Our bodies need all the micro- and macro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.   Any nutrient deficiency can impair our optimal functioning.   Unfortunately, nutrient deficiencies are surprisingly common.   In our busy lives, we can’t always eat well and ensure that we are getting the nutrition we need.   Here are some top quality multivitamin and minerals for everyone in the family, and specific nutrients that may be needed by people with sleep problems.

Sleep Products

Here you’ll find a wide variety of potent sleep aides, from nutritional to herbal medicines.   Several of these are acting on the neurotransmitters, the brain chemicals that promote sleep.   Dosage and timing is important, as it is with any medicine.   Note that there are several different types of melatonin for just this reason. These are products to help you sleep well, naturally.

Whole Health

Sometimes a disturbance in a particular organ system can interfere with sleep.   By treating the underlying cause of the disturbance healthy sleep can be restored.   You’ll find supplements for liver and adrenal health.   Women can experience poor sleep as their hormones fluctuate, so we’ve included some high quality supplements to address female hormones and hot flashes too.


There are some terrific books about sleep that give you a deeper understanding of how your body, mind, and routines work together to promote sleep.   Here are some of the best, including books on women’s sleep, how to help your children establish positive sleep habits, and books to work with. Enjoy!