Hotflashes Disrupting Your Sleep?

As women get older and go through the menopausal transition they might experience hotflashes during the day, and nightsweats during sleep.  It is not unusual for me to hear from women that they wake up burning hot, and dripping with sweat.  They report being so damp they even need to change their clothes and the sheets. 

These sleep interuptions can lead to overall insufficient sleep, which contributes to excessive daytime sleepiness, irritability and mood problems.  Here are a few tips to reduce the nightsweats:

–  Consider bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.  You can find a naturopathic physician who specializes in this at

–  Hesperidin is a bioflavinoid from citrus which stablizes the capillary walls and reduces hotflashes and nightsweats.  My patients have had good success with this.  Be sure to find out from a licensed physician if this is right for you and the correct dosage.

–  One company has been highly recommended to me that makes nightclothes that wick away the sweat, so you can feel comfortably dry.  Check it out at

–  Another company OppoSheets makes sheet sets with half flannel, and half cotton.  This is perfect for those couples where one person tends to be hot and the other cold.

(The Institute of Naturopathic Sleep Medicine and Dr. Darley have no affiliation with the above mentioned corporations).

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