How to Contact Us

We offer a brief (15 minute) consult with Dr. Darley. During this appointment you will have time to summarize your sleep concerns, learn about naturopathic treatment approaches, and ask questions. The Institute is located in downtown Seattle, in the historic Securities Building, on the corner of 3rd Avenue and Stewart Street.

Institute of Naturopathic Sleep Medicine
1904 3rd Ave., Suite 614
Seattle WA 98101
(voice) 206-624-9950
(fax) 206-749-1259

Integrative medical care can help many conditions. Here are a few of the many excellent providers available in the Greater Seattle area.
Naturopathic Medicine
Steve Wangen, ND. specialist in IBS, Gluten Intolerance, Digestion
Robin Reddeman, ND. specialist in Womens Health, HIV
Lucy Smith, ND. General Practic North Seattle
Dennis McCarthy, MA.
Linda Spain, MA.Counciling/Coaching
Dennis McCarthy, MA.
Linda Spain, MA.Nutrition
Beve Kindblade, MS, RD.
Suzzanne Myer, MS, RD.