Your Bedroom – A Perfect ‘Sleep Cave’

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Your Bedroom – A Perfect ‘Sleep Cave’ buy synalar no prescription cheap cialis melbourne 1. Dark. Should be as dark as a cave, this allows your natural melatonin levels to soar at night and help you sleep.
2. Quiet. Ever sleep in a basement and have a better night’s sleep because it was so quiet? Turn off everything that makes a sound, thus asking for your attention. Do what you can to keep the dog from barking, or his collar from jingling. If there are irregular sounds, a soft white noise machine might be helpful.
3. No electronics. Did a caveman have little lights flashing, or sales texts chirping in the night? Research this last year shows that many people are woken multiple times each week by the phone. Make sure you are not one of these folks by putting your electronics to bed in another room.
4. Comfy. Sleeping surfaces vary widely around the world. What’s most important is that the bed is comfortable for you. Unfortunately bedpartners can prefer different firmness in the mattress. Modify it with extra padding so it’s softer for one, or put a firm board under the mattress so it’s firmer for the other person.
5. Cool. People sleep better when it is cooler than 65, or even cooler at 60 degrees. Adjust both the temperature of the room, and the covers so you aren’t waking up too hot. Many patients tell me they like the bed to be warm when they get into it in the evening, but then get too hot in the night. You can use a heating pad, electric blanket, or hot water bottle to warm the bed beforehand, but then turn it off once you are in bed.
6. Minimal ‘stuff’. Back to those cavemen, they didn’t have so much stuff in their sleeping quarters, did they? Remove all the things from your bedroom that are thought provoking or call for action. You want the bedroom to be a place that you are ‘off-duty’ from the responsibilities of the day.

7 thoughts on “Your Bedroom – A Perfect ‘Sleep Cave’

  1. Cathy

    Actually a lot of really great tips here, and I actually follow all of them. We only have an alarm clock in our room at night and I sleep so much better. Of course, I still have those nights where I just can’t seem to want to fall asleep. I actually take over-the-counter melatonin when this happens.

    Oh, there was something I wanted to point out. It is easier to make a mattress softer than to make it firmer. So if you prefer a softer sleeping surface, buy a firm mattress and then a soft mattress topper. This will add softness but will allow the other person the firmness they need. Source:

  2. Dr. Catherine Darley

    Yes, ‘cool’ can be a subjective experience. You definitely want to avoid waking up too hot. Get creative with different sleepwear, layers of covers which can be shed if needed, and keeping the room cool with closed vents, slightly opened windows or the thermostat just right. Thanks for commenting.


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