Want a Better Social Life? Then Sleep Well

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Want a Better Social Life? Then Sleep Well

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buy cheap cream cortaid online A) are considered less attractive than when they are well rested
B) are less able to discern happy and angry emotions from anothers’ facial expression
C) are more likely to put their own interests above others when making moral or ethical decisions.

My next thought is about the high number of children who are sleep deprived (80% of highschool students). Since this is a time when they are learning social skills, what is the long-term impact of being sleep deprived at this critical time?

One thought on “Want a Better Social Life? Then Sleep Well

  1. Karlie

    I know that when I do not get a good nights rest I do not look as good. I have to sleep with a body pillow to get the best sleep. Then I wake up rested and beautiful


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