Are you an Owl or Lark?

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4 thoughts on “Are you an Owl or Lark?

  1. Erika Davis

    I have Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome but was undiagnosed with it for many years. Rather I was diagnosed as having insomnia, excessive anxiety and/or depression for many years. It has been very helpful to actually understand and accept that I have DSDS! Wish I would have known sooner but then I did accomplish a lot but I was exhausted and my immunity was low for years. I did have breast cancer and I do not know if this had anything to do with me trying to make myself a square peg in a round hole.

    1. Dr. Catherine Darley

      Hi, Thanks for sharing your experience. Regularly in my office, people will come in with a diagnosis of chronic insomnia, which has been treated with pharmaceuticals. However, it turns out that they have delayed sleep phase. When we shift their body clock earlier using melatonin and light therapy, they feel sleepy at bedtime for the first time ever. They are able to fall asleep easily, sleep well, and have good energy throughout the day. Which is very gratifying all around!


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