A Consistent Bedtime Routine Helps Baby Sleep

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One thought on “A Consistent Bedtime Routine Helps Baby Sleep

  1. Jessie

    I also want to share this site that helped me in implementing a good bedtime routine and also in understanding how to form and implement a routine, where the baby sleeps, preparing and settling baby to sleep and how to handle when baby wakes up etc..There are a lot of times when my partner and I had to get up many times during the night. However, things got better after implementing a proper routine with consistency….

    For mums who want to check out the article that helped me, just go to: http://www.AussieChildcareNetwork.com/Resources.php You can find the practical tips under ‘Resources’ –> ‘Parenting Resources’ Section. Best of luck since parents need it.. 🙂

    Resources Children


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