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Our 24/7 world requires round-the-clock operations for optimal corporate productivity, and emergency response. Yet human physiology is inherently designed for rest and sleep at night. Without education, working at night increases safety risks on the job, and increases health concerns including anxiety, depression and suicidality, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Given these realities, what can corporations and individuals do to meet these needs and minimize concerns?

When sleep and circadian rhythm training programs are provided, improvement is seen in performance, health and safety:

·       Firefighters

·       Police

·       Shift workers

·       Employees

·       Leaders

·       Athletes


Dr. Darley is a national speaker and consultant with over 25 years of experience in sleep health. She translates her clinical experience with individuals’, and teaching background, into effective solutions for corporations to improve performance, health and safety. Her expertise lies in training high risk occupational groups, such as First Responders, who face high performance demands while providing 24/7 services with inherent safety risks.

Dr. Darley has a dynamic and interactive style, with an emphasis on motivating participants to take charge of their sleep and health. She is adept at answering questions and giving attendees the real-life solutions and strategies needed to implement improvements.

Interviews with Dr. Darley It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Seattle magazine for their Top Doc issue in July 2012.   The article profiles a patient with Shiftwork sleep disorder and alternatives to pharmaceuticals for sleep.   You can read the full article here.