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Healthy sleep is basic and essential to health. We all know that, yet sometimes our need for sleep is ignored or minimized.   Whether you are suffering from insomnia, body clock issues, or other sleep problems, it all results in sleep deprivation.   When human beings are sleep deprived their overall health suffers, and here are some of the ways:

  •   memory and creative thinking are impaired
  •   insulin control is disordered
  •   inflammation increases, which can lead to heart disease
  •   irritability increases
  •   risk of accidents increases as motor performance decreases

We can each choose to get healthy sleep by making enough time in our routine, and addressing any sleep difficulties we have.   Getting the sleep you need will pay off in improved mood, improved mental performance, and decreased risk for disease! Dr. Darley provides natural remedies for a wide spectrum of sleep problems.   Below are a few highlights:

  • Insomnia. If it takes more than 30 minutes to fall asleep, or you are awake in the middle of the night you are experiencinginsomnia.   More information about insomnia treatment can be found on our Adult Sleep page.
  • Body clock issues. This includes both jetlag and shift work problems that adults may have.   It also includes circadian rhythm disorders that children frequently experience.   More information on body clock (called circadian rhythm disorders) can be found on our Children’s Sleep page.
  • Sleep deprivation. Insufficient sleep is the most common sleep disorder in America, among both adults and children.

Interviews with Dr. Darley It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Seattle magazine for their Top Doc issue in July 2012.   The article profiles a patient with Shiftwork sleep disorder and alternatives to pharmaceuticals for sleep.   You can read the full article here.